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Our Botanicals

In our combined journeys, we believe that discovering how to nurture our largest organ, our skin, is a deep part of our healing process -- both in reconnecting to ourselves and to the wonders of Mother Earth.

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Custom Oil



This oil is non-comedogenic (which is perfect for my acne-prone, porous skin) and it treats my acne at the same time as healing my scarring! I wake up in the morning with reset skin every time. I use it nightly because I want it to soak into my skin thoroughly and I like to apply liberally. I highly recommend this product because it’s always tailored to your skin type and it’s all natural, can’t get better than that!


Ingrown Hair




This ingrown hair serum is life changing! I literally went from having ridiculous razor burn always and now I have none. You are magical!


SleepY Time

Pillow Potion



I love my Sleepy Time Pillow Potion from Lavandula Botanicals. I just spray three squirts on my pillow before bed time and rest in the aroma as it mists up on my face. It helps me to calm down and fall into a deep deep sleep. It is really wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to have a peaceful sleep.


Hydrating Hair mist



I adore this face and hair spray! So much so, I bought 8 bottles to gift to all my friends! The smell can not be beat. I use this spray several times every day. 

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