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Our perfected pillow potion will lull you to sleep and help you relax with the help of bergamot and lavender. 


Simply shake the bottle before use and spray where on your pillow or other linens on your bed or even in the air. You will enjoy the calming scents that will help you relax before bed. It's the perfect addition to your night time routine. 


Disclaimer: We do not recommend you spray this on your skin because the ethyl alcohol can be drying. 

Sleepy Time Pillow Potion

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  • Distilled water, ethyl alcohol, lavender oil, bergamot oil

    Lavender oil: calming, reduces stress and anxiety, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, soothes skin irritations

    Bergamot oil: calming, reduces stress and anxiety, uplifting, anti-inflammatory 

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