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How to Order a Custom Oil 

After purchasing this customized oil, we ask that you fill out our skin type form for us to determine your skin type and what ingredients necessary to create your custom oil. Here's a link to our skin type form.  After that information is filled out, we can create your personalized potion! If you'd like to read more our process, read the section below titled, "Our Process". 

After we go through the results of your skin care form it will take us one day to make your order. After your order is completed it will take us 3-7 business days for us to ship out your order. 

Ordering a custom oil as a gift? Please let us know if there are any certain custom requests we can assist with!

Our Promise

Lavandula’s organically-sourced  ingredients are hand-selected  with wisdom to ensure the guarantee that  no additives, dyes, or synthetics will ever touch your skin when using our products. Read more about our carrier oils and essential oils here: 

Mother Earth provides all the remedies to our many accumulating ailments -- be it physical, mental, or spiritual--  in her lush variety of naturopathic components in plants. Each plant’s unique medicinal and healing properties are studied and taken largely into account when concocting new potions to combat common skin difficulties.

Our Process

Essential Oils

People often approach us seeking a remedy for specific ailments such as dry skin in the winter, spot treatments for acne, or even help with ingrown hairs. Other times, people seek change within their skincare routine, but don’t know where to begin.

In the case of the latter, we direct our customer to our comprehensive questionnaire. Once completed, we review the data collected to determine the very best way to go about making their custom oil.

Different oils address different concerns with a person’s skin type. Some oils are able to penetrate the skin deeper than others which allows for more moisture retention and some oils are able to balance the skin’s sebum without clogging pores. We take this into consideration when creating a customized oil.

We also take into consideration the potential color profiles each oil is likely to result in.  Certain colors, like scents, evoke certain emotions such as calming or energizing. Even when it comes to certain skin concerns such as acne or aging skin, certain colors evoke higher vibrational energies. 

Being in a positive place energetically to create Lavandula Botanical products is a top priority. Different energies affect the healing capabilities and potencies of the oils, so it is always important to be intentional when creating. After ensuring we are grounded in our energies, we focus on pouring love, beauty, and healing into each potion so that it becomes one with you as you use our product.

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