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Our Story

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Lavandula Botanicals sees the world as a place of infinite opportunities -- possibilities to love, heal, replenish, and nourish. Through our years of engaging with and learning from nature, we have uncovered ways to harness those forces in our one-of-a-kind, all natural solutions. 


Our herbal potions embody Lavandula’s holistic and sensory approach to self-connection and care. By customizing our products to cultivate your unique skin’s health and radiance, we support you to develop your practice of self love. Our clients use Lavandula Botanicals as center-pieces in their plant-based rituals, which ground and balance them throughout seasonal and hormonal transitions. 


Start your journey with us.

WHat People Say



I'm a minimalist, so if I don't love my products, I won't use them. Only a few days into my Lavandula Botanicals face oil and already, I can't remember what I did before. I live in the desert heat and am outdoors constantly, and my oil keeps me refreshed and radiant. Lavandula Botanicals was really detail-oriented, receptive, and put together a product I won't choose to live without.


My skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated. The oil is perfect for both morning and night. The product is high quality, nourishing and completely elegant! Lavandula truly listened to my needs when it came to my custom blend and the oil itself turned out better than any face oil I’ve tried (even brands that cost triple the cost). 


I’ve been using these oils for almost 3 years now, and have noticed an incredible change in my skin’s health. I’d struggle with random breakouts, and these oils have provided a natural way for my skin to balance and heal. Each oil is crafted specifically towards your skin’s needs- so with the changing climates that I endure for travel and work, I can trust each oil to nourish my skin despite the various environments and stresses. These natural oils are now fully implemented into my daily skincare routine.

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